Missouri Law Review Fellows

The Missouri Law Review Fellows are a group of generous contributors who have donated to an endowment fund for the Missouri Law Review. This fund assists the Review with publication expenses and with scholarships for Review members. Missouri Law Review Fellows have made a contribution of at least $10,000, and are recognized for life on the inside cover of the Missouri Law Review. The name of each fellow is followed by the year in which he or she graduated from the School of Law.

  • Thomas A. Vetter of Jefferson City (1964)
  • Lawrence G. Crahan of St. Louis (1977)
  • Larry L. McMullen of Kansas City (1959)
  • John R. Phillips of Kansas City (1971)
  • Andrew B. & Hon. Karen M. See of Kansas City (1978)
  • John W. Inglish of Jefferson City (1950)
  • Franklin G. Snyder of Washington, D.C. (1983)
  • Frances H. Phillips of Jefferson City (BSBA, 1971)
  • John S. Sandberg of St. Louis (1972)
  • John K. Hulston of Springfield (1941)
  • John C. Sullivan of New York City (1984)